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Set the height, width, and a custom timeout to make sure you take the right screenshot.

Why Choose WebCargo

WebCargo was created to speed up development workflow by reducing the amount of time engineers waste developing, integrating, and maintaining mundane services.

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Our RESTful JSON APIs were designed to be simple to integrate easily into all your projects, even for novice developers. We don't throttle calls to our APIs, keeping your services running without interruption.

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Once you pass your free allowance you will only pay for what you use with our simple tiered billing system. Competitive pricing with no contracts to lock you in, you are free to go but more than welcome to stay.

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Clear and simple API documentation in multiple languages backed by a knowledgeable support team so you can focus on what matters.

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Always know what you’ll pay with our simple tiered pricing calculator. With our highly competitive pricing and no contracts to lock you in, you are free to go and free to stay.

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